basic snake safety & first aid

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There are NO effective snake repellents

1. Clear heaps of building materials such as bricks, pipes and sheets of iron near the house.

2. Avoid compost heaps, rockeries, aviaries, chicken coops, fish ponds and loose rocks , as they may provide a source of food or suitable hiding spots

3. Keep grass and hedges short s and clear underneath low bushes to prevent hiding space for snakes.

4. Store animal feed in rat proof containers.

5. Make sure there is not a source of food for the snakes here there's rats there's going to be snakes.

6. Close off all of the cracks/holes where snakes might fit through. 6. Keep doors and windows closed during the day as many snakes seek shelter.

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Avoiding Snake bites

  1. Watch where you step, step on rocks and logs rather than over them
  2. Do NOT try to kill the snake as this may result in a bite!
  3. Keep a calm head. Stop and backaway slowly most snakes will flee immediately.
  4. Wear proper clothing when walking in the veld preferably boots and long trousers.
  5. Wear sunglasses as this provides protection against spitting cobras.
  6.  Do not collect fire wood at dusk or at night that's looking for trouble.
  7. If you're a mountaineer be careful where you place your hands, as many snakes like to bask on the ledges.
  8. Do not pick up any snake no matter how harmless it may seem.
  9. Do not pick up what appears to be a dead snake, as some venomous species shame death.
  10. Use flash light when walking at night and keep your eyes open.
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do not

1. Keep victims calm and reassured and move the person away from      Danger

2. Remove jewellery and tight clothing.

3. Victim must lie down and kept as still as possible.

4. Elevate limb to approximately heart level and transport to Hospital.

5. Pressure bandages should ONLY be applied to Neurotoxic snake        bites!! ( black mamba, Cape cobra, anchietas cobra)

6. If victim stops breathing resort to mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Rinse the eye out for at least 15-20 minutes with water , if water is not available any bland liquid which will not damage the eye may be used, but water reamins the best option. Avoid the patient rubbung the eyes and transport the patient to hospital for further assessment and treatment. 

basic firstaid

1.Cut or suck.

2. Apply tourniquet.

3. Apply ice or give victim alcohol.

4. Inject anti venom as a first aid measure.

Remember it is Vital Not to Waste anytime incase of a Snakebite. The priority is to get that person to hospital!

incase of venom in the eyes: